a brand new superhero universe

Boldly magical. Dynamically diverse.

Characters, stories, and mythologies from the color palette that represents the world.

A brand new superhero universe

Characters, stories, and mythologies from the color palette that represents the world.
carefully, culturally crafted characters

human. With a
dash of super.

An ever-growing catalogue of humans with magic powers from all walks of life.

believe in chances




believe in faith




believe in empathy




believe in legacy




believe in balance



Mother Of Magic.

believe in discovery




believe in potential



Free Spirit.

believe in truth




believe in family



Family Man.

believe in freedom



'Bout that action.

Meet the
the creative storytellers behind the universe
Humans telling stories about humans with powers. That’s it. That’s the intro.
Here’s the crew:

Ed Williams

Founder +
Character Director (tremor)

Tim Wasney

Creative Director of IP +
Character Director (Apex)

Brent Lyles

Culture & IP Integrity +
Character Director (Solace)

Spencer Bollettieri

IP Director +
Character Director (Crow)

Stephanie Williams

Character Director (Braxton)

Brian Haggenmiller

Business + Financial Strategist Consultant

Valerie Complex

Character Director (Braxton)
why we’re here

Mayke it happen.
Mayke the difference.

“Where am I?”

A child asked with heavy eyes. Always the villain, never the hero. Possibilities and opportunities dwindling to zero. Will I save the day? Will the crowd cheer hooray? Am I seen? Am I heard? Does my story deserve words? Then it came. A brand new hero by a brand new name. From cover to cover the pages turned. The possibilities and opportunities started to churn. From zero to ten, the child believed again. In seeing themselves save the day, hopes and dreams escaped decay. And therein lies the heart of the matter. It’s truly important.

Representation Matters.

Our Mission

Create superheroes and stories that heal, transform, and inspire the world around you.

Our Vision

Influence a world where everyone can be a hero through authentic representation and storytelling on multi-storytelling platforms.
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Ed Williams

Founder + Character Director (Tremor)

Ed Williams is Founder. The huggable visionary leads Mayke, architecting its vision, brand, and creative conscience to produce a superhero universe that crosses cultures and amplifies the stories and voices of the unheard. When he’s not leading the team, he’s helping to tell the story and influence the creative direction and strategies of the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, TN as its Creative and Brand Manager.

Tim Wasney

Creative Director Of IP + Character Director (apex)

Tim Wasney is our primary in-house colorist and artist. He defines the creative direction and standards for the entire IP including characters, environments, world assets, and more. Tim works full-time at Home Depot, using his shipping and receiving knowledge to make sure any product we ship gets there in the best condition possible.

Brent Lyles

Culture & IP Integrity + Character director (solace)

Brent Lyles is a registered therapist in Florida who brings his knowledge of psychology to help us understand our characters’ emotions, traumas, and relationship dynamics on a deeper level. A mental health and persons with disabilities advocate, he uses his own story and his older brother to bring the character Solace to life.

Spencer Bollettieri

IP Director + Character Director (Crow)

Spencer Bollettieri is Wikipedia in human form. A world of knowledge and a love for biology, Spencer chronicles, organizes, and builds the entire IP’s “bible.” He makes sure we are consistent, respect canon, and uses his science-based information to help us define how powers and magic work in the universe. He’s the swiss army knife of creators and a bazooka when it comes to writing.

Stephanie Williams

Character Director (Braxton)

Stephanie Williams is a meme queen and a thread of comedy. You can hear her pop culture commentary on the podcast The Lemonade Podcast and get a taste of her comic book expertise on the first two seasons of Misty Knight’s Uninformed Afro. You can find some of her other written works on Den of Geek, SyFy Wire and NerdsofPrey. She’s currently spearheading and defining the world and stories of Braxton.

Brian Haggenmiller


Brian Haggenmiller drives the studio to consider revenue creation, identify profit strategies, and makes sure our behinds are covered financially. With an extensive career in Finance, Brian builds our budgets, projections, and financial planning. He also gets his hands dirty in the storytelling process.

Valerie Complex

Character Director (Braxton)

Valerie Complex is a film critic, United States Air Force Veteran, and queen of getting straight to the point. When she’s not interviewing Jordan Peele or Brie Larson, she’s influencing major changes and decisions at Mayke and defining the world Braxton lives in.

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