8 Reasons Why 1-Page Sites Are Bae: You can win big starting small

Every so often you need ‘Jesus-fish-and-loaves’ miracles. Those kinds of miracles that get a weeks-worth of groceries out of $15. Or the couch cushion coins that give your car enough gas until payday.

If you know what I’m talking about, we’re vibing right now, and you’ll get me when I say this:

We (entrepreneurs) need small investments to net big returns. It’s a game many of us dream of playing (especially when it comes to Facebook ads), but it’s a hard game to win. But I got good news for you—that ‘Hallejuah-lose-your-wig shout’-type news: you can net your first big return with a 1-page website.

Let me show you why they’re bae.

1) They’re Simple

There’s only one page to manage. It gets no better than that. Making on-the-fly changes based on analytics and user feedback is easy to make. And the tools I use to build sites are so simple you won’t need to call me to make changes. The power is entirely in your hands.

2) They’re Mobile-Friendly

57% of users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly-designed mobile site. That’s a lot of users. 1-page sites are beasts on mobile because the design largely remains the same across multiple devices. People care a great deal about the experience they’re having. If you aren’t delivering a mobile-friendly experience, you’re losing sales.


3) They Get Higher Conversion Rates

This is the reason we turn-up. Conversions are a measurement of how sites perform. If your goal is to build an email list, sell more products or services, generate more leads, or promote a person or cause, 1-page websites will get the job done.

Single…pages lead to 37.5% more signups compared to multiple page versions. — 37signals study

So if you’re getting tons of traffic but zero sales, this option is something to consider.

4) A Better Quality Website

Not only is it uber-simplified, but the site also gets out of your visitors’ way and tells a compelling story through the entire site. It creates a seamless experience that removes endless link-clicking and guesswork on where to find things.

The site’s laser-focus is also a talking point.

Instead of trying to spread your vision across multiple pages (home page, about page, product pages, etc.), it’s now focused and concentrated into this one page creating a more precise, more powerful narrative that gets straight to the point.

5) A Full Immersive Brand Experience

I’m a story-first kind of brand designer. One of the lead questions I ask all clients is “Tell me how this started.” The magic, the unique selling proposition, and the reason why anyone would care about your business are in your brand story.

1-page websites give you an opportunity to tell your story in as many acts necessary and drive the ending home with a strong call to action. It’s simply the best and creates a captivating, immersive, interactive and emotional experience that moves visitors in powerful ways.

6) Less Bouncing

Bounce rates go like this. The lower the percentage, the more people are spending time on your site. The higher the percentage, the less. You want people to stick around, and with 1-page sites, there’s little to do and less confusion. It’s just the visitor, your compelling brand story and the primary call-to-action the site’s designed around.

7) You Don’t Stretch Yourself Thin

Sometimes you don’t have enough content to create a full multi-page site. Instead of forcing content and making things up to fill pages, you can focus on what you do have, make that content valuable and relevant to your audience, and make the most out of it.

8) They’re Affordable

I’m known for my honesty. Full branding projects that require web design (and most do) are quite an investment (to the tune of 5-figures). The ultimate blessing in 1-page websites is their affordability. You shouldn’t sacrifice quality and results. You just need to find a more affordable solution—and it’s staring you right in the face.

They’re also faster to design which has a significant impact on cost. Ready to get up and running in a few short weeks?

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