the legend oF


john henry: a tale of iron & magic

Magic isn't fake. She's just been busy.

Century-old fail-safes protecting and hiding magic from humanity start to unravel and threaten to reset the world in an image that can only end in an apocalyptic nightmare if earth doesn’t build its frontline defense.


meet the cast

Iron & magic. respectively.


the legend reborn

Between the pages of history and myth, John Henry made his mark. Standing on guard of a new frontier, his stories were told countless times in countless different ways. In other languages, on other shores, across cultures and generations. Now the legend comes to life like never before and stands at the beginning of a new mythos.


mayke's mother of magic

Big Foot. Lochness Monster. Jersey Devil. You may have saw them but, Sil’at made sure you didn’t remember. Sworn to protect the balance between the magi and humanity, the Mother of Magic may have tipped the very scale she’s defended in the wrong direction.

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